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Sell us your spare VIP Packages & Tickets

We may be interested in buying your spare tickets. If you do wish to sell us your spare tickets, please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible. Please note that the tickets must be in your possession and be shipped to our London office within 24 hours of us confirming with you that we wish to purchase your tickets.

We will only be interested in buying your tickets if we feel we can resell them to one of our clients, there is no guarantee that we will buy them from you. Once you have filled out the details below, a member of our sales team will be in touch if the tickets are of interest.

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    Alternatively you may contact us at:

    Euro Events London Limited

    Elizabeth House

    39 York Road

    London SE1 7NQ

    London Office: +44 033 3456 7890
    Alternative Office No. +44 020 3478 2273
    Out of Hours 24/7: +44 07547 996092
    Fax: +44 033 3456 7891

    Email info@euroevents.com



    skype : corporatehospitality